First Lady and Chairperson Biography

Her Excellency Salma Kikwete, 
First Lady of the United Republic of Tanzania


Her Excellency (H.E.) Mama Salma Kikwete is the Former First Lady of the United Republic of Tanzania and WAMA Foundation’s Chairperson. She is a keen champion in the areas of Girl Child Education and development, Maternal and Child Health and improvement of Women’s Economic and social Status.


In 2006 she created the Wanawake na Maendeleo Foundation (WAMA), a vital platform through which she mobilizes communities and partners to address various issues facing Tanzanian communities. WAMA is a non-profit organization committed to empowering women and girls so as to increase the number of healthy and economically empowered women, progressive communities, and educated and healthy children.


 Mama Kikwete has more than 20 years experience as a teacher and firmly believes that success in education and health are the fundamental values to unlock potentials in human beings. She is further more aware that development in education and health are the key factors in liberating Tanzania and Tanzanians from the three nationally recognized enemies - Ignorance, Poverty and Disease.


 H.E. Mama Kikwete’s unshakable commitment and inspirational leadership has helped transform many lives and communities. It is natural that she has been widely recognized in and outside the country. She however takes satisfaction from the many requests from Tanzanian communities which continue to ask for her advocacy and leadership.


H.E. Mama Kikwete is a member of the High Level Leadership Group on Adolescents and Young People’s Needs and Rights in the Eastern Southern Africa (ESA), the Patron of the Medical Women Association of Tanzania (MEWATA) and the Girl Guide Association of Tanzania. She has received many awards in recognition of her great work, including the Millennium Development Goals: 2013 Women’s Progress Award, The Global Inspirational Leadership Award 2013 by Centre for Economic and Leadership Development, Leadership and Role Modeling in Immunization Issues from GAVI Alliance among others.


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